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SENIOR WITHOUT ACCIDENTS is a unique long-term project focused on transport safety of senior citizens in the Czech Republic. Due to its scope and complexity, this is a globally unique project.


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In 2018 and 2019, an educational non-profit project called Senior citizens without Accidents took place, the target group of which was people over the age of 65. Compared to other age groups, senior citizens are at an above-average risk in traffic. In 2015, senior citizens accounted for 18% of the total population of the Czech Republic, while their share in the number of victims of traffic accidents reached 24%. In 2030, up to 30% of the population is expected to be over 65 years old. Another factor is the more fatal consequences of accidents in the elderly. According to statistics, an accident of a person aged 65-74 is twice as likely to be fatal as an accident of a person aged 30-49. This probability is up to 16 times higher for people over 74 years of age.


The aim of the project is to reduce the accident rate of senior citizens and raise awareness of this issue. To inform what are the specifics of senior citizens’ behaviour in traffic and to recommend measures that should contribute to increasing their safety not only on the roads. To get acquainted with the potential of modern motor vehicle assistance systems, to revisit the highway code, to point out the side effects of medication and health restrictions that occur due to the age of the road user. In addition to 300 educational lectures throughout the Czech Republic, the project will also include a media campaign (TV, radio, press, internet). The campaign is aimed not only at senior citizens in the role of drivers, but also as pedestrians, cyclists and passengers on public transport. Educational packages will be distributed to cities and municipalities where the lecture tour will not take place, and these will be used to educate senior citizens under the direction of local governments or senior citizens clubs.